Friday, 1 February 2013

Engineering Graphics January 2013 Question paper.

First Semester
GE2111, Engineering Graphics.

1. (a) Construct a hyperbola when the distance between the focus and the directrix is 40mm and the
         eccentricity is 4/3.Draw a tangent and normal at any point on the hyperbola.
    (b)Draw the involute of a circle of 40mm diameter. Also draw a tangent and normal to the curve at a       point 95mm from the centre of the circle

2. (a)The top view of a 75mm long line AB measures 65 mm while the length of its front view is                          50mm.Its one end A is in H.P and 12 mm in front of the V.P. Draw the projections of AB and     determine its inclinations with the H.P and the V.P
  (b) Draw the projections of a regular hexagon of 25 mm side having one of its sides in the H.P
                and 60° to the V.P., and its surface making an angle of 45° with the H.P

3. (a) A hexagonal prism of side of base 25mm and the axis 60 mm long ,lies with one of its
         rectangular faces on the H.P., such that the axis is inclined at 45° to the V.P. Draw the

    (b) A pentagonal prism, side of base 35 mm and axis 50 mm long, rests with one of its
     shorter edges on H.P such that the base containing the edge makes an angle of 30° to
      H.P and its axis is parallel to V.P. Draw its projections.

4. (a) A hexagonal pyramid of base 30 mm and axis 70mm long is resting on its slant
    edge of the face on the horizontal plane. A section plane perpendicular to the V.P
     inclined to the H.P passes through the highest corner of the base and intersecting the
     axis at 25mm from the base. Draw the projections of the sold and determine the
     inclination of the section plane with the H.P.
    (b) A cone of base 50 mm diameter and axis 60 mm long, is resting on its base on
    H.P . It is cut by a section plane, perpendicular to V.P, and parallel to an extreme
    generator and passing through a point on the axis at a distance of 20 mm from the apex.
     Draw the development of the retained solid.

5. (a) A pentagonal pyramid, with edge of base 40mm and axis 70mm long , is
     resting on its base on H.P.One of the base edges of the pyramid is perpendicular to V.P.A section      
     plane, perpendicular to V.P and inclined at 30° to H.P , passes
      through the axis , at a height of 30mm from the base. Draw the isometric
     projection of the truncated pyramid.
(b) A rectangular lamina of size 30mm x 50 mm rests on the ground with one edge on PP and the remaining portion behind PP. the Station point is 60mm above G.P and 30 mm in front of PP and lies on a central plane 35 mm to the left of the nearest edge of the lamina.Draw the perspective view of the lamina.

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