Monday, 28 January 2013

Technical English exam HS2111 January 2013 Anna University First Semester exam preparation

For every subject there is a 'savior' set of Questions that would help us in the last moment.
Similarly in HS2111 Technical English Paper we have ,

Reading the passage and answering Questions  - 10 marks

Writing a set of instructions - 16 marks

Letter Writing - 16 marks

Flowchart making - 16 marks

Essay writing   - 16 marks

If we are know the format of the letter that we are going to attend,we could obtain marks easily as the format would do half the mark gaining job.
When it comes to set of instructions make sure you start them with a action word or verb.
Flowchart making - Well,this part is really tricky you could refer to your textbooks to get some idea about this.Anyway i use keywords that are strikingly important and use them in the flowchart process (if they make sense).You could be sure that your flowchart could get you marks,if you get a logical positive feeling that it is worth the marks,when you read it after you have written it properly.

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