Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hi friends,Engineering Chemistry 2 CY2161 ebook by RaviKrishnan is a good support for this short termed Engineering Chemistry 2.I will be uploading it soon for you and you can download it from here.If you need any study materials you can comment here or mail me.Will post the download link for Engineering Chemistry soon..

I hope Anna University results for second semester is on its way to us.It's been expected that the Engineering Mathematics 1 MA2111 result wouldn't be as good as we expect it to be.Rumors have been around saying that only 22% people passed in Engineering Mathematics 1 2013.But i will never give out a firm statement that it holds true.Because we know about the way Anna University staffs valuate our papers.But don't worry..You won't fail.Have some belief ;)
and if you do fail..There is revaluation for Engineering mathematics 1 2013.So lets keep our fingers crossed for the results to come early and good.
Important Questions for June 2013 exam


  1. Great informative blog. This really help me in may ways. Keep up the good work. Post more Anna University Question Paper. Students will like your blog for sure.

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  2. Please upload ravikrishna's engineering chemistry I cy6151 for I semester. I heard the book is accompanied by a cd . If it is possible, instead of scanning the book, you can upload the cd itself for the benefit of students. Thank you.

    1. Hi, the notes for the Engineering Chemistry 1 (CY6151 ) regulation 2013 is being uploaded at
      We are trying to digitize it completely as soon as possible.

      And thank you for your Kind information :)