Friday, 1 February 2013

Engineering Graphics GE2111 morning session Question paper - January 2013

1 (a) (i) The head lamp reflector of a motor car has a maximum Rim diameter of 130 mm and maximum depth of 100 mm .Draw the profile of the reflector and name it .

(ii) Draw the involute of a circle of diameter 40mm


(b) (i) Differentiate first angle projection with third angle projection.

(ii) Draw the orthographic views for the given isometric views using free hand:

  1. Front view 
  2. Top view 
  3. Side view. 
free hand image in Engineering Graphics GE2111 morning session Question paper - January 2013

Engineering Graphics January 2013 Question paper

Mark the dimensions.

2. (a) (i) Draw the projections of the following points on a common reference line.

  1. P,35 mm behind the VP and 20mm below the HP 
  2. Q,40mm infront of VP and 30mm above the HP 
  3. R, 50mm behind the VP and 15mm above the HP 
  4. S,40 mm below the HP and in the VP 
  5. T,30 mm infront of the Vp and 50mm below the V.P 
(ii) The end P of a line PQ,70 mm long is 15 mm above the HP and 20mm infront of the VP.Its plan is inclined at 45° to the VP.Draw the projections of the line and find its true inclinations with the HP and VP.

(b) A circular plate of diameter 70mm has the end P of the diameter PQ in the HP and the plate is inclined at 40 ° to the HP.Draw its projections.

(i) the diameter PQ appears to be inclined at 45 ° to the VP in the top view
(ii) The diameter PQ makes 45 ° with the VP

3. (a) Draw the projections of a hexagonal prism of base side 20mm and axis length 50mm when its rests on the ground on one of the edges of the base and the axis inclined at 35 ° to the ground and parallel to the VP

(b) A square pyramid of base side 30mm and height of 50mm rests on the ground on one of its base edges such that its axis is inclined at 45 ° to the ground and parallel to the VP.Draw its projections.

4. (a) A cylinder of diameter of 60 mm and height 80 mm has a central hexagonal slot of side 20mm running right through the length.The cylinder is lying on the HP with its axis perpendicular to the VP.A vertical cutting plane cuts the cylinder in such a way that it meets the bases at 6mm from the diametrically opposite ends.Draw the sectional front view and the true shape of the section.

(b) A pentagonal pyramid, side of base 30mm and height 52 mm stands with its base on HP and an edge of the base is parallel to VP and nearer to it.It is cut by a plane perpendicular to VP,inclined at 40 °  to HP and passing through a point on the axis,32mm above the base.Draw the sectional top view.Develop the lateral surfaces of the truncated pyramid.

5 (a) A hexagonal prism of base side 20mm and height 40mm has a square hole of side 16mm at the centre.The axes of the square and hexagonal prism coincide.One of the faces of the sqare hole is parallel to the face of the hexagonal prism .Draw the isometric projection of the prism with hole to full scale.


(b) Steps provided for an LIG house consist of three treads of 250mm each and three rises of 150 mm each.The length of the steps is 1000mm,The steps are parallel to the picture plane.The nearest face of the steps is 500 mm behind the PP. The station point is 2000 mm in front of the Pp and 10000mm above the ground.The station point lies in a central plane 1250 mm to the right of the right extreme face of the steps.Draw the perspective view of the steps.