Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How to pass EDC lab or Circuits and Devices lab EC2155 manual free download - second semester anna university practical examinations

Passing Circuits and Devices lab isn't that hard if you have the right guidance and study materials..You don't need to mug up the entire theory as it is useful ONLY for VIVA..Let me focus on certain aspects required to pass this practicals..The concise LAB MANUAL for CIRCUITS AND DEVICES LAB is found below..

1. Mark Allotment :
          The mark allotment is pretty cool..You get 5 marks for AIM
           25 marks
for theoretical calculation / 30 marks for circuit diagram

         (At least be thorough with circuit diagram even if you don't know a word           about your expt. )

           For observation and connections they award 40
           viva 5 , internals - 20 result - 10
and so on.

2.   Circuit or Devices 
      Depending upon your question paper they may ask a CIRCUIT (theorem based    problem ) or DEVICES like TRIAC , SCR , BJT etc.

3.   GRAPH

You should be able to plot the graph or atleast know the model graph for a particular experiment. In a worst case scenario, we can obtain the points from graph and put them in our tabulation ;)
Depends on how smart you are..

And don't get tensed while doing practicals.If it is a indirect question (they might ask something like 'Draw characteristics of DIODE that has two SCRs in Anti Parallel connection...bla bla bla ...-TRIAC'  ) , try to figure it out in 30 mins .. don't  take more time than that.

I wish you a very good luck ;)


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