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How to Pass Anna University Exams in all semesters | Clear arrear in Anna University exams and get pass mark

Find tips on how to pass anna university exam.These tips are valid for all sems.

1. The First 10 two marks
This will decide your evaluator's mind set for the rest of the correction.If you write 8 two mark questions right,you have a high chance of passing with an S / A grade.

2.16 mark questions
The sixteen mark questions are evaluated based on your 2-mark question & answer's performance.If you have performed well in it,you will end up with 14 or 16 mark as maximum for each 16 mark question else you may be around 10 or 12 mark for that question.

3. Presentation :
Be good in presenting things...Let your question be readable.The correcting staffs wont have time to look at your paper with magnifying lenses to check whether what you write is right or wrong.They just want to correct your paper and move to the next one.
The main reason is the amount of money they will be paid for each paper.Every time they finish correcting a paper , they are paid !! So will they choose money or sincerely correct your paper for half an hour ??
So never delay their time.Make your presentation well and use your black pen , underlining etc.

4. Appearance :

There is a difference between presentation and appearance.By appearance,i mean making a nice good impression.Even if you don't know the answer properly highlighting the keywords might help you score better marks.A good grammatical sentence won't bring you full score if you don't have the "keywords" in it.They correct your paper with the key.Staffs who correct the paper from other departments rely on the question paper key and the proper keywords for the answers.Make a good impression by
  1. Highlighting the keyword
  2. Writing the answers point-by-point
  3. Writing the answers without striking them hard or making a mess
  4. Improve Handwriting. [Handwriting tips & speed writing techniques]
5. Allow the Evaluator to pass you:
Unless you have some angry bird evaluator,every evaluator wants to pass you..They don't want to fail you.I've seen lenient people in correction.They only fail you because they tried their best to pass you but you didn't write much
Solution : Write all that you know about a question.Never leave it blank.Write something related to it.Present it neatly.Make it look like an S- grade paper.If you do it, the evaluator will have a good impression ( actually support ) to pass you..Show them that you did some work.Don't be lazy at least at that time.

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