Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How to Pass the CPL Lab GE2155 & MODEL Question papers

Passing the CPL lab (GE2155 is pretty easy).
You get your output verified you are getting an sure ‘S’ grade.

But if not,here are the following tips:

1. You should be lucky if they schedule you two days after the first day of practical .The Question paper
     is usually repetitive.So ask your first and second day friends who did CPL practical and know the             questions ;) (in my case, MATRIX questions were sooooo repeated .. even i got Matrix transpose using dynamic memory allocation)
2. Be thorough with shell commands ( fully around 60 of them )
3. Read all the basic C  & Shell Programs (just the simple 10 line programs)
4. Know the calloc() , malloc() , realloc() , free() functions and know how to use them..
5. Write the program legibly (even if it has mistakes never mind) . Present it properly even if it is wrong
     They are not going to dig into your program and ask line-by-line questions..They just want OUTPUT
6. Write some neat ALGORITHM (just write it like a good story Step1: start.. step 2: read a b.. etc     etc…      Step    n : Stop )
7. At least know the SAMPLE OUTPUT of each command / program that you have read.

8. VIVA – just be sure you say something related to it..Don’t run around with pride if you know everything
    Then you will be the target of the external in the practical and he will load you with questions..

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