Friday, 6 September 2013

DOWNLOAD Computer Practices Laboratory - GE6161 manual | Anna University First semester CPL 1 lab manual for regulation 2013 PDF download

First Semester GE6161 CPL 1 manual PDF download.

            Computer Practices Laboratory CPL 1 lab manual for first semester Regulation 2013 of Anna university syllabus  is linked to this post.The Experiments present in CPL are

1.  Search, generate, manipulate data using MS office/ Open Office 
2.  Presentation and Visualization – graphs, charts, 2D, 3D
3.  Problem formulation, Problem Solving and Flowcharts
4.  C Programming using Simple statements and expressions 
5.  Scientific problem solving using decision making and looping. 
6.  Simple programming for one dimensional and two dimensional arrays. 
7.  Solving problems using String functions 
8.  Programs with user defined functions – Includes Parameter Passing 
9.  Program using Recursive Function and conversion from given program to flow chart. 
10. Program using structures and unions.

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