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How to pass Engineering Graphics exam | How to pass Anna University Regulation 2013 first semester GE6152 Engineering Graphics | How to pass Engineering Drawing exam

                                  Anna University offers its subject Engineering Graphics GE6152 during the first semester which will act as a steady foundation for the civil and mechanical engineering students.The Regulation 2013 syllabus of Anna University covers Engineering graphics GE6152 that can be passed with ease if one knows the tree tips and rules to pass this exam.

                                Once you know these tips it would be hard for you to fail the exam.

Tip 1: Presentation skill

The Pencil;Some might suggest using HB , 2HB pencils for various thickness in lines while drawing the diagram. Just use a 0.7mm lead pencil for all of that stuff don't mess up with over usage of pencils.Why do i talk about pencils when we are discussing about passing the subject ? Because the presentation part lies entirely in how skillfully you use the pencil to produce the diagram.

                                   Darken only the required lines.For ex: In case of Isometric projections, darken only the lines of the final diagram.Darken the outlines of projections only.The rest needs to be so thin and should be drawn very lightly. Similarly know which lines should be darkened while practicing the diagrams.The arrow head of the dimension line must be dark its line should be so thin.Write the length or radius in neat CAPS and don't forget to mention the unit.

Tip 2 : The Final appearance 
               Don't erase even if it's wrong. And by this i didn't mean not rubbing a diagram that is completely wrong. Let me assume that your diagram has got some minor mistakes in it. For ex. Your axis length is 60mm instead of 70mm and somehow you did it all to the end.In this case don't even touch it or use your rubber.Leave it as it is,if the procedure is correct. I again cautiously repeat that this is valid only if the dimensions are wrong but the procedure is correct.

               So try to keep your rubber at rest.It messes the paper.

Tip 3 : The content :

             Now comes the real part to deal with, Engineering Graphics is known as both hell and heaven. It only depends on how well you trick it. Be thorough in free hand sketching , it really helps a lot incase of emergency and it is easy too. Study either Isometric or Perspective projection. Don't get confused between both. Similarly while doing the rest of the drawing works make sure you understand the questions first and then proceed. The procedure for solving the problem is more important than the answer.Finally label the diagram properly and mention the arrows.

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