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Regulation 2008 Important questions

Regulation 2008 | Go to Regulation 2013

Semester 1
Semester 2

  • HS2161   Technical English  Important questions
  • MA2161  Mathematics Important questions
  • PH2161   Engineering Physics Important questions
  • CY2161   Engineering Chemistry 2  Important questions
  • ME2151   Engineering Mechanics  Important questions
  • EE2151   Circuit Theory  Important questions
  • EC2151   Electric Circuits and Electron Devices Important questions
  • GE2151   Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering  Important questions
  • GE2152  Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering Important questions

Semester 3

Semester 4

  • MA 2262 Probability and Queueing Theory  Important questions
  • CS 2255 Database Management Systems  Important questions
  • CS2252 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers  Important questions
  • CS 2253 Computer Organization and Architecture  Important questions
  • CS 2254 Operating Systems  Important questions
  • IT 2251 Software Engineering and Quality Assurance Important questions

Semester 5

  • IT2301   Java Programming Important questions
  • MG2452 Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting Important questions
  • CS2304  System Software Important questions
  • CS2302  Computer Networks  Important questions
  • CS2403  Digital Signal Processing  Important questions
  • IT2302   Information Theory and Coding Important questions

Semester 6

  • IT2351 Network Programming and Management  Important questions
  • CS2353 Object Oriented Analysis and Design  Important questions
  • IT2352 Cryptography and Network Security  Important questions
  • IT2353 Web Technology  Important questions
  • IT2354 Embedded Systems Important questions
  • MA2264 Numerical Methods  Important questions
  • MA2265 Discrete Mathematics  Important questions
  • IT2021 Business Process Model  Important questions
  • IT2022 Software Requirement Engineering  Important questions
  • IT2023 Digital Image Processing Important questions
  • IT2024 User Interface Design  Important questions
  • CS2022 Visual Programming  Important questions
  • CS2032 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Important questions

Semester 7

  • IT2401 Service Oriented Architecture  Important questions
  • IT2402 Mobile Communication  Important questions
  • CS2401 Computer Graphics  Important questions
  • IT2403 Software Project Management Important questions
  • CS2303 Theory of Computation  Important questions
  • CS2029 Advanced Database Technology  Important questions
  • IT2031 Electronic Commerce  Important questions
  • IT2032 Software Testing  Important questions
  • IT2033 Bioinformatics  Important questions
  • IT2034 Adhoc Sensor Network Important questions

Semester 8

  • IT2050 Principles of Compiler Design Important questions
  • IT2051 Knowledge Engineering  Important questions
  • GE2025 Professional Ethics in Engineering  Important questions
  • GE2071 Intellectual Property Rights  Important questions
  • IT2052 Management Information System  Important questions
  • IT2053 Software Design  Important questions
  • CS2053 Soft Computing Important questions
  • GE2022 Total Quality Management  Important questions
  • GE2072 Indian Constitution and Society  Important questions
  • IT2061 System Modeling and Simulation  Important questions
  • CS2035 Natural Language Processing  Important questions
  • CS2056 Distributed Systems Important questions
  • GE2023 Fundamental of Nano Science  Important questions
  • IT2064 Speech Processing Important questions
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