Sunday, 27 October 2013

Changes (or) Additions in Anna University 2013 Nov/Dec UG exam time table

                          Anna University has announced some changes in its Undergraduate (UG) time table for the regions

  1. B.Tech Textile Technology , 7th semester , Technical Textiles (080340093) exam date is 6/12/2013 F.N 10 A.M to 1 P.M

the following changes are for 5th semester:-
  1. Structure and Architecture(AR2023) exam for B.Arch (Regulation 2009) is on 11/12/2013 FN 10 AM to 1PM
  2. Systems Engineering (IE3012) exam for B.E Industrial Engineering (Regulation 2008) is on 14/12/2013 Forenoon (10 - 1 o clock)
  3. Chemical Processing of Textile materials exam TT339 for B.Tech Texttile Technology is on 3/12/2013 Forenoon

    Changes for 1st semester 
  4. For B.E Marine Engineering first semester subject MR2112, Basics for Marine Engineering , the exam date is changed from 13/1/14 to 20/1/2014 Forenoon (10 AM to 1 PM)

  1. Prestressed Concrete Structures (subj code.10111CE704) ,sixth semester B.E.Civil Engineering Part Time (R-2010) on 28/11/2013 FN 10 AM to 1PM
  2. Ship Construction (subj code.10122MV504) ,fifth semester B.E.Marine Engineering  (R-2010) Part Time (R-2010) on 04/12/2013 FN 10 AM to 1PM
  3. Basics for Marine Engineering (subj code.10122MV105) ,first semester B.E.Marine Engineering  (R-2010) (R-2010) on 20/01/2014 FN 10 AM to 1PM

  1. "Environmental Impact Assessment of Civil Engineering Projects" exam [subj. code : CE711 ] for seventh semester B.E.Civil Engineering on 09/12/2013 AN 2 PM to 5PM
  2. "Soft Computing" exam [subj. code : CSU078] for seventh semester B.E.Electronics and Communication Engineering UD(R-2009) on 03/12/2013 FN 10 AM to 1PM
  3. "Nuclear Engineering" exam [subj. code : ETME9038] for seventh semester B.E.Mechanical Engineering Part Time (R-2009) on 21/11/2013 FN 10 AM to 1PM
  4. "Remote Sensing and GIS for Hydrology and Water Resourses" exam [subj. code : GIU025 ] for seventh semester B.E.Geoinformatics Engineering UD(R-2009) on 07/12/2013AN 2 PM to 5PM 
  5. "MR17 –Basics for Marine Engineering" exam for first semester B.E.Marine Engineering (R-2008) on 20/01/2014 FN 10 AM to 1PM 

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