Monday, 28 October 2013

Top 3 Facts - Artificial Intelligence algorithm that can recognize CAPTCHAs in minutes

                     A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) was believed to be uncrackable by computers and machine algorithms until a AI firm Vicarious came up with its brand new algorithm that can crack CAPTCHAs in minutes.It is claimed the algorithm can crack the CAPTCHA with an accuracy rate of 90 - 97 % .With such an accuracy, computers can easily identify the squiggly texts that appear in verification forms online.The CAPTCHA used by Google and Yahoo include words that look severely twisted and unreadable even by humans (rarely). It requires a higher perception level such as the ones present in humans to crack
the CAPTCHA.Since the CAPTCHAs are broken easily they can no longer be effectively used to differentiate humans from computers. Now that the algorithm passed the Turing Test(A Test carried to evaluate whether a machine's intelligence is equivalent to or greater than human intelligence  ) by breaking the code,new CAPTCHA systems needs to be implemented in place of that to provide more security.

Here are the top 3 facts about Vicarious's Algorithm that breaks the CAPTCHA

1. Vicarious Algorithm has an accuracy rate of 90 - 97 % of cracking the CAPTCHA code / reCAPTCHA code that Google, PayPal , Yahoo and other such tech giants rely on human - computer differentiation.The human accuracy to solve the CAPTCHA is 70 % !

2. If Vicarious's Algorithm to crack CAPTCHA is used in Optical character recognition they have the most accurate Optical Character Recognition System on earth.

3.The current search engine Algorithm that Google uses is the Hummingbird Algorithm.It reads user queries in a way that exactly searches contents much like a normal human does.That's the closest powerful A.I applied to a greater extent.But Vicarious uses Recursive Cortical Network which simply means that it can mimic the human brain's neo cortex and can understand the physical world with higher information processing capacity.

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