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How to pass Engineering Chemistry 1 - CY6151 | Mark Scoring Tips

How to pass Engineering Chemistry 1 - CY6151 | Mark Scoring Tips

Engineering Chemistry 1 - CY6151 comes under first semester , Information Technology (IT),Computer Science and Engineering (CSE),Electronics and Instrumentation (EI),Mechanical (Mech),Civil Engineering (Civil),Electrical and electronics engineering (eee),Electronics and Communication Engineering department of Anna University.
This subject is a moderately hard subject.It affects your GPA considerablyPassing Engineering Chemistry 1 is not difficult. It's better to know the syllabus,important questions in EC1 beforehand and to be clear about what you are going to study in Engineering Chemistry 1 .Follow the five important tips to ace this exam.

Tips to be followed to pass Engineering Chemistry 1 - CY6151

Presentation: Always present your answers neatly with black and blue pen.Underlining after completing each question will help you get more marks in Engineering Chemistry 1.Highlight the formulas if any,with black pen.Sometimes you may not know the answer,in that case,do not leave it abruptly.Write some related sentences regarding EC1 's known key points

Diagrams & Graphical Representation : While drawing diagrams,block diagrams or graphical representations if any, in Engineering Chemistry 1 make sure that they are drawn clearly and little big(in case of 16 mark questions). .During correction of question papers,the examiner sees the diagram and judges you based on that.A neat diagram will get you more marks.So concentrate on diagrams,they are the easy scoring areas.

Short Q&A, two mark questions: Practice writing important chemical formulae in a seperate sheet & revise it before exam.Definition type questions , important chemical reactions are asked frequently.While writing the 2 marks questions in Engineering Chemistry 1,write at least six two mark questions correctly,if you are aiming to score high in 16 marks. Do not leave the 2 mark section in EC1 exam paper.Doing so will create a negative feeling for the evaluator and he will assume that you don't know the theory and he/she will provide less marks for 16 marks even if you write them well.

Big Q&A, sixteen mark questions: Try to attend sums as full marks are awarded to the right ones.Be good in chemical reactions,practice them 5 days before exam.Revise it three times a day by writing it in a sheet of paper or pocket diary.. While writing the 16 mark questions in CY6151 write the question that you know first. If it is theory,write it in a neat point-by-point manner. Give subtitles as present in the book (If it has subtitles / Key sub-topics).Keyterms are highly important in EC1 16 marks. If you are working out 16 mark problems in general, write the given, formula data.

Time management and Preparation: Starting with time management, keep a watch/clock with you during exams. Cover 2 marks in half an hour and take half an hour for each 16 mark question. This plan covers all the 3 hours of examination. A better solution is completing the Engineering Chemistry 1 paper before 15 minutes and taking 5 minutes to check it.

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