Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Pros and Cons : 4G mobile networks

Back when the 2G Mobile Networks were considered as a luxury and the mobile networks were in the process of connecting with lives of every single people on earth,the 3G came.3G Provided
high internet speeds as never experienced before. Then came the 4G network providing browsing speeds that made the "Buffering.." message useless.Let's see the pros and cons of 4G Mobile Network
Pros :

1.Uninterrupted connection , faster browsing speeds.Can reach speeds around 25 Mbps of download and 20 Mpbs of upload

2. Offers High security,privacy

3. Downloads movie within 10 minutes and offers coverage of 30 miles.
Cons :

1. Can consume 1 GB data pack in less than a day.Data consumption rate is large.Internet pack will get empty soon.

2.Drains your battery power easily.Your battery needs to be more powerful else your mobile won't be alive for a long time.

3. If 4G connection is not available in a particular area,you will be given a 3G connection with tariffs and cost rates charged for 4G!

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