Sunday, 10 November 2013

Anna University World Ranking 2013

             If we list out the ranking of colleges in India , we will be having the IISC & IITs on top. The first place is held by Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore. The list continues to have All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New Delhi & IITs from various places including Chennai , New Delhi , Kanpur etc.The list contains Anna University at the

16th position overall in India. But speaking in terms of World Ranking , even the IITs stagger. However there is always 'the one' university that gets close to the top. Surprisingly the IITs ranked between 350 - 400 globally whereas Panjab University had a rank of 226 - 250. They are the ones in India to get close near the top 200s. Therefore , the world ranking puts Panjab University in the first place and the IITs in the consecutive positions.Eager to know Anna University's position ? It's at 909th place world wide in terms of excellence. It is still better than NITs in terms of excellence. As nothing stays stable, we can expect a positive change in Anna university World wide ranking in 2014. 

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