Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting MG2452 notes

The notes for Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting (EEFA) (subject code : MG2452) regulation 2008 Anna University syllabus , fifth semester is attached to this post .The  Part A and Part B Questions 2 mark , 16 mark Q&A are present in single file.Topics covering Managerial economics, Firms , Demand and supply analysis etc and so on through Unit 1, Unit 2 , Unit 3 , Unit 4 & Unit 5 is available for free download !

The download links are present in the table below.

Subject name
Engineering Economics and Financial Accounting (MG2452)
File type
File size
263 KB
Lightweight PDF
College & Regulation Year
 Anna University,Regulation 2008
Download Links
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