Friday, 1 November 2013

Jawahar Mannar,Former Anna University Vice Chancellor suspended! Internals & Corruption Scam


      Jawahar Mannar the former Anna University Vice Chancellor (2008 - 2012) and Professor in Automobile Engineering at MIT,Chrompet has been suspended on allegations of corruption.The Directorate of Vigilance And Corruption (DVAC) has started an inquiry. The DVAC started its inquiry when reports of university professors claimed that they were forced to boost the internal marks of 'certain students' .This order came as a pressure from their higher officials . It's said that Jawahar
Mannar has instructed to do so which had led to suspicion that he might be related to corruption. Jawahar Mannar's retirement date is on 31st October and a suspension like this before two days of his retirement is 'completely humiliating',he describes.

                   The Former VC states that he has not been given the exact reason for the suspension and states that he was transparent and open during his Tenure as a Vice Chancellor.He denies favoring any student in particular or boosting the marks of VVIP students.

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