Friday, 1 November 2013

Top 10 Tips to increase Your Writing Speed In Exams! (Triple speed)

 Worried of your handwriting  ? Is it the main reason why you don't gain good marks in your exams ? Trash your fear.We outline you the top ten tips that are required for increasing your writing speed.After this tutorial you will have a writing speed of thrice your normal speed provided you follow the listed points carefully and with effort from your side.

1.Choosing a pen : This is the first and simplest point of all.Choosing your pen plays a vital role in determining your writing speed.Everyone has a different pen holding style and different
bodies of pen are available in the shop to suit your need.Make sure that the pen you choose has less weight,fine grip and a nice writing tip.The writing tip should be smooth (Continuous ink supply)

2. Low Pressure on your pen : While writing using a pen,make sure that you apply a very little pressure on the pen.Sometimes you may unconsciously apply more pressure on the pen to write darkly.But don't do that.Doing so will consume your writing energy and by the time you complete an essay your wrists will start to pain.

3. Body postures and angles : Angles are important in writing.The best curves and shapes of letters are obtained by using a fountain pen.But that doesn't matter unless you are seriously into calligraphy.You can have your papers or note at a 45 degree angle.Sit comfortably straight and leave space for your hand.Your hand should freely move up and down while writing and this is more important.

4.Let your shoulders write!  : Now,This might sound a bit odd. An excellent writing speed and beauty comes from uniform motion.To get a uniform flow,you should eliminate the factors that prevent it.When you use your fingers to write, you are actually drawing the words and not writing them.But writing is something uniform.That's where shouder girdles and muscles come into picture.Keep your wrists and pen holding position steady and don't move them.Instead move your shoulder muscles and your hand accordingly.The pen will produce a uniform motion automatically like swinging back and forth.You can also rest your arm in the table to reduce the work and make it more natural.

5. Warm Ups : Don't buy a new pen in the morning and use it immediately for the exam on that day.Your hand won't suit itself immediately if the pen that you used previously has a different model / shape / grip. So even if you buy a new pen / have your favorite all-time old pen,just write and practice a sample text 15 minutes with the handwriting on the day of your writing.It is a warm up for your hands and improves the style.

6. Continuous characters :  Try to connect all the characters in your text. This will reduce lifting your pen and then putting it back down.The less you lift your pen , the faster your writing gets.

7. Brain vs Hands : Always remember to plan what you are going to write before you choose a question.Your brain can summarize the whole question randomly , it jumps into the question and starts from another paragraph and is so messed up in the first place when you see the question.So Organize your points , concentrate on the words and your writing hand will automatically write with speed.

8. No erasers,please : Well,if you are planning to shift to your top gear,then forget using an eraser.The erasers consume your precious time and writing flow once you drop your pen down and pick up an eraser and start the erasing process.Your hands were writing and the muscles were quite happy with it but then you suddenly take up an eraser and mess up the situation;Don't do that.Follow point 7 and this will solve this issue.

9.Black pen or Blue pen  ? :Keep your black pen near and quickly change the pen.It doesn't seem so important unless you start writing an important question where there are a lot of points to be highlighted.Sometimes you can write with blue,an entire paragraph and then use black to provide subtitle.(Highlight).Don't switch constantly between different color pens in the name of highlighting.This will make your clock run fast.

10.Practice : Practice is more important in any aspect.Always practice your handwriting and check if it's okay.If there is some places where your handwriting slows down,analyze the word ,know why it gets slow and correct the speed.

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