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Operating Systems CS2411 notes

Anna University seventh semester fourth Year lecture Notes for Operating Systems CS2411 OS free pdf!The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for Operating Systems (Subject Code : CS2411 ) is made available here in PDF formats for you to download.Free lecture notes PDF for OS subject (OS 2 mark,16 mark with answers,OS Part-A,Part-B q
uestion answers in Units 1,2,3,4 & 5 i.e.,Processes And Threads, Process Scheduling And Synchronization, Storage Management , File Systems of CS2411) following Anna Univ. Regulation 2008 syllabus is linked in this page. provides you a detailed description of Operating Systems notes in the table below.Hope you find it useful.
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Subject nameOperating Systems (CS2411)
File typeNotes
File size1.79 MB
RegulationRegulation 2008
Semesterseventh semester,fourth Year
Download LinksCS2411 Os Notes full
For DepartmentsEEE,EI

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