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Anna University attendance & Internal Marks Calculator - (year 2013 - 2014) Regulation 2013 , 2008 [Updated]

Welcome! Anna University Internal Marks Calculator allows you to calculate internal marks for any subject. These Internal marks are provided by Anna University affiliated colleges and are entered (or) uploaded to Anna University webportal.Just Enter the Assessment marks and attendance for Report Period 1,Report Period 2,Report Period 3 & Report Period 4.

  **You can see your internal marks by logging in to and then clicking on Assessment details. tab

After you complete entering the data,hit 'Calculate'  button.

Follow these 3 quick steps before calculating.

  • Don't leave any box empty.This calculator is designed so as users who view their internals on Anna University Internal Portal can directly enter the data from the webportal in the corresponding boxes.
  • Enter proper values.Values (i.e.,marks & attendance period) should be in numbers.And always remember that this internal mark can vary  + or - 1 as per Anna University decision and not more than that. This calculator can precisely calculate the marks that you can't find anywhere in the internet other than here.
  • This calculator is suitable for both regulation 2013 / Regulation 2014.In case of any doubt comment below and i will be happy to help you anytime.Don't forget to hit 'Like' and 'Share' this
Anna University Internal Marks Calculator
Any Subject Report Period I
Total Period Attended Period
Report Period II
Total Period Attended Period Internal Marks
Report Period III
Total Period Attended Period Internal Marks
Report Period IV
Total Period Attended Period Internal Marks

This Internal marks calculator allows you to calculate Internal marks (out of 20) for a subject.Enter the details in the boxes right below the column. After entering the details,click on Calculate internals button. Attendance Percent
Internal Marks

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