Thursday, 2 January 2014

Anna University's New Revaluation Procedure from 2014 onwards

Anna University has announced a change in its revaluation procedure.First you pay 300rs to get the photocopy.Then you can apply for revaluation (for 400.Rs), ONLY if the subject staff is convinced that the paper is worth more marks.If staff is convinced and knows that your paper is worth more marks he/she can recommend the revaluation procedure again.If staff is not convinced you wont be able to apply further revaluation for that subject.

The new revaluation rules are: 

1.Candidates who wish to apply for revaluation should first apply for photocopy of his/her answer script by paying Rs. 300 per script on or before the last date for applying photocopy.

2.After receiving the photocopy, the student can verify the copy for any discrepancy like total mistake and omission in the valuation.

3.If any discrepancy is noticed the same may be brought to the notice of the Controller of Examinations for remedial action.

4.The valuation in the photocopy of the answer script can be verified by the subject expert and if the expert is convinced that the script deserves higher marks than awarded, he/she can recommend for applying revaluation.

5.The student can apply for revaluation by paying Rs. 400 towards revaluation fee on or before the last date for applying revaluation.

6.Even after the revaluation, if the student is still not satisfied with the result, he/she can opt for review of his/her answer script by paying the prescribed fee. The review procedure will be intimated along with the revaluation result.

7.There is no change in the existing review procedure.

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