First of all,a 'Thank You' to those who took their time to visit this 'About' page.(BTW Come on who has time to view About pages when they have so many things to do? But you did.Great!) Anyway, i created this site www.chennaiuniversity.net for three reasons and i will be concise with it.

1. This site is aimed in pooling all the scattered resources over the internet into one place that is useful for the academic career.(This site primarily aims to cover Anna University subject materials.)

2. To provide instant and free access to study materials that you are searching for.

3. I like programming , web designing and i spend a awful lot of time on the internet to a level that i decided to utilize it in a way that is at least a bit useful to others.

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And as always,I thank you for visiting my site. :)
Wishing you a good luck.

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