Sunday, 3 March 2013


Enough waiting,isn't it friends?
Anna University has not yet published their results.It seems like they take more time than usual.
First of all,the percentage of arrears were supposed to be high in Engineering Mathematics 1.Who knows ? Maybe Anna University is fumbled up with such a percentage and tries something to patch it up with some grace marks.

So this is how it goes.
Comparing with the past few years the results have been published within February end.
Rumors have been around that Anna University would publish results on 23rd February which is not true.As we examine the reason,this time the exam was on January 2013 with a couple of tough Question Papers (Engineering Graphics Morning Session and Engineering Mathematics ) and that the correction might have produced unsatisfactory results.
and two,The dateline goes around to the middle of March 2013 as the result date.As these calculations were based upon the time span they take between the semester exam end and the Result publication date in the previous years

I hope that they will publish around 15th March as the people in Anna Univ. predict

It is supposed that there is a high chance of results being published today i.e March 18,2013

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