Wednesday, 28 August 2013

DOWNLOAD A Text Book of Engineering Physics by Dr.P.Mani ebook PDF for Anna University Regulation 2013 | PH6151 Notes and ebook free download | Anna University Regulation 2013 First semester Engineering Physics 1 book free download

DOWNLOAD Anna University Regulation 2013 PH6151 Engineering Physics 1 ebook                              
DOWNLOAD Anna University Regulation 2013 PH6151 Engineering Physics 1 ebook

         The textbook that is being used for Engineering Physics 1 (subject code : PH6151 ) is " A Text Book of Engineering Physics" written by Dr.P. Mani.This book has been modified recently due to change in the regulation from 2008 to 2013 (Regulation 2013 ) by Anna University. Although the old portions remain scattered throughout the book,this syllabus looks cool.Students can download " A Text Book Of Engineering Physics
" chapter wise and their notes by following the download link below. The notes for UNIT 1 , UNIT 2 , UNIT 3 , UNIT 4 , UNIT 5 of Engineering Physics 1 and their answers can be downloaded from here.

       For question papers on this subject you can visit here( Question Papers). To know the important questions that were periodically asked for Anna University first semester Physics exam , visit the link here(Important questions)

        The PDFs for the rest of the units are being uploaded and they will be soon present for Engineering Chemistry , Engineering Mathematics , Engineering Graphics for Anna University Regulation 2013. Also note that i am uploading the subjects unit wise.It's just due to the size of the ebooks. The Future ebooks will be compact and of less size.      

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  1. can you post all the chapters?

    1. We are trying to get the notes for this subject and post it along.It will be more concise that way.Keep checking us we will update it soon!

  2. i want all chapters of this book. it would be nice if u upload all of them